Nice To Meet you!

Hello There, I'm Carolina Guzik!

I'm a Miami Wedding & Lifestyle photographer 
that loves to work with awesome people. 
if you like Fun, fresh & bold photography 
you have come to the right place!

Welcome! I am honored you are interested in my photography

& knowing a little bit more about what I do.

I am inspired by real emotions and bold personalities!

Working with amazing people that want to have tons of fun & are not afraid 

of doing things a little bit different makes me happy.

Having an amazing time should always be the main goal;

the awesome photos would be the side effect :) 

Need more info? No problem, Contact me today! 

Let's get a bit personal

  • Married to Christopher the love of my life.
  • Owner of MacArthur the Bulldog - The coolest dog in town.
  • I'm a Yogaholic and my favorite pose is headstand. 
  • I'm a super fan of Game of Thrones, Vikings, Parks & Rec. and The Real Housewives on NYC (No shame in that!)
  • GIF images in text messages are LIFE!
  • Ice cream over frozen yougurt. 
  • I like my veggie burger with a slice of bacon, because life is all about balance ;)
  • I've been to many countries, seen many places, and my passport is always ready.