Micro Weddings: The New Normal

If you had to postpone your Miami wedding due to Covid-19 perhaps now is the time to consider hosting a Micro Wedding.

It has been two months since the state-at-home order was suggested here in South Florida and due to the precautions we are all taking, all the large weddings that were planned for Spring and Summer have been canceled or postponed.

As we prepare to open the State, we are now facing some challenges that affect weddings: large gatherings of people are a no-go, and instead of getting frustrated, or upset, this is the time to pivot.

Large gatherings are canceled, but love and joy are not. So what do we do: we re-arrange plans and focus on Micro Weddings!

Wedding Ceremony at the Iconic Versace Mansion


a micro wedding is a celebration with only 20 guests or less. Micro weddings most of the time have a quick ceremony, followed by a short and relaxed reception.

Think of micro weddings as a very intimate celebration followed by a delicious brunch, dinner, or cocktail hour.

Micro Wedding In Miami

Why Should you consider a Micro Wedding?

You want to get married and you want to celebrate! This should be the main reason, but let’s also add to this the fact that for the next couple of months there will be some restrictions on how many people can gather together.

If you have been dreaming about saying I DO, go ahead and plan a micro wedding! Just because our new normal is not what we had expected, doesn’t mean that we can’t pivot and have a beautiful celebration!

Micro Wedding in Miami

What are some of the benefits of hosting a micro wedding?

Hosting a micro wedding comes with some perks! Saving money is at the top of the list.

Since a micro wedding is a fraction of a normal wedding, so would be the amount of money you spend on food and drinks.

In addition, you most like will be renting the venue for a couple of hours instead of a full day, so this will bring the cost down.

And so will be the case for the majority of your vendors. If something, consider this a way to save money and still have a beautiful celebration!

A second benefit, and probably my favorite, is that the planning of your event will be more manageable, meaning that you will have to worry less about wedding details.

Miami Elopement. Ceremony at the Miami Beach Botanical Gardens

What are some of the cons of hosting a Micro Wedding?

Perhaps you wanted to have all your friends at your wedding and now you are forced to choose, this could be a hard decision to make, but thanks to technology many venues are offering virtual ceremonies!

What’s a Virtual Ceremony?

By now we should all be very familiar with ZOOM. Many venues are offering to broadcast your ceremony to all your guests!

This is a great way to have all the people that matter to you be a witness to your beautiful ceremony and cherish with you and your partner when you say I DO.

Virtual ceremonies are hosted via Zoom and you will receive your own URL to share with your virtual guests.

Palm Beach Wedding photos by Carolina Guzik Photography

Who should lead your ceremony?

Whether you are having a friend, a family member, or a reverent, you need to make sure they are prepared to lead a beautiful and meaningful ceremony.

My favorite reverent is Dr. Rev. Cynthia Capaccio her ceremonies are always so personable and romantic.

What are my favorite venues for this type of weddings?

There are some amazing venues in South Florida and I’m sure the majority of them are accommodating the celebration of Micro Weddings, but here are my favorites:

34 Miami Venues You Must See

What kind of food should you serve to your guests?

Whether you decide to host an intimate brunch, dinner or you just want to pass some Hors d’oeuvres here are my favorite caters in South Florida:

Bill Hansen Catering

Suzanne Michael

Style Catering

Thierry Isambert

Do you need to add flowers to your event?

Flowers are the best way to decorate any event, and even if you are hosting a micro wedding you can add a pop of color to your celebration.

You can choose to use flowers to decorate your intimate ceremony, or the table for the brunch, or dinner you might host. Here are my favorite floral designers in Miami:

Anthology Co.

Ines Naftali

Should You Add Instrumental Music to Your ceremony?

Absolutely! Music is a part of the celebration. You can have some amazing string players at your ceremony and then some live music to your small reception. Just because you are not having a full-on party, doesn’t mean that you need to pass on some amazing ambiance tunes!

The best company to have in charge of your Music is AA Musicians. Whether you need live music or a Dj they work with the best talent in South Florida.

Do you need help planning your intimate wedding?

I have had the opportunity to work with some of the best planners in South Florida. If you need help planning your celebration here are some of my favorite planners in the industry:

Teresa Blumberg Events

Andi Soirees

Blue Orchid Events

Here’s the complete list of the best wedding planners in South Florida



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