Miami Engagement Photos At Pérez Art Museum

The Pérez Art Museum in Miami is a very cool place not only to have a memorable date (If you like art), but also to get some cool engagement photos in Miami!

Keep reading as there are a couple of important things you need to know before planning your Miami Engagement Photos at Pérez Art Museum.

Tips on How To Plan A Cool Engagement Session At Pamm

engagement session at Pamm in Miami


Located at 1103 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33132 the museum is easily accessible for all ages.

If you are driving, the museum has a covered parking garage with a flat rate of $15. You can also find several metered public or additional flat rate parking lots within walking distance.

Miami Engagement Photos At Perez Art Museum

Photo Permit:

If you’re planning to get some Miami Engagement Photos At Perez Art Museum you do need to get a permit to use the exterior grounds of the museum! This is super important, as you will be asked to leave by security if you don’t have a permit.

The permit is only available for use of the exterior grounds of the museum. Indoor professional photography is not permitted. For pricing and availability please contact the museum directly.

Cool and modern miami engagement session at Perez Art Museum

What to wear for your Miami engagement photos at The Pérez Art Museum?

The exterior of the museum has tons of textures and cool spaces, so you can literally wear something formal and elegant, or a casual chic outfit. Either way you will fit right in and look fabulous doing it!

romantic engagement session in Miami

Trust Your Photographer During your Engagement Session

The museum is such a cool place, that you, your partner, and your photographer will have a great time!

I know expected photos are always…well…expected, but I dare you to have a lot of fun and trust in your photographer.

I’m the kind of photographer that’s always looking for new perspectives and ideas. The goal of my sessions is for my clients to have an amazing time! I want you to have A LOT OF FUN! The awesome photos are just the side effect 😛

Miami Engagement Photos At Perez Art Museum

Plan a romantic date after your Miami engagement photos at The Pérez Art Museum

Think of your engagement session as the start of a very memorable date! After your session, you can enjoy the museum and relax with a delicious meal at Verde located around the corner from the gift shop at the rear viewing deck of the Museum.

Miami Engagement Photos At Perez Art Museum

Want to see more images from this amazing session? check out their slideshow:



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