Vizcaya Engagement Photos

If you have recently gotten engaged and want to take some quintessential romantic engagement photos in Miami, then Vizcaya Museum & Gardens is the place for you!

romantic photo of a couple during their engagement session at Vizcaya in Miami

With a European flare and plenty of hidden corners to discover, Vizcaya Museum is a quintessential location for couples looking for a classic and timeless location for their engagement session.

Things you should know before planning your Vizcaya Engagement Photo Session:


Located at 3251 South Miami Ave. Miami Fl. 33129 the museum can be accessed very easily.

If you are driving, there is a big parking lot, and if you are taking an Uber or Taxi you can be dropped off right at the entrance of the estate.

Engagement session at Vizcaya in Miami Fl

Photo Permit:

This is super important! If you are planning to have a professional photographer with you, then you need to buy a photo permit.

The price for the permit varies from weekdays to weekends.

couple laughing during their engagement session in Miami

During the months of June, July and August you can request a Sunrise photo permit.

Although the price is higher than the regular day permit, a sunrise session will allow you to use the gardens in a more intimate way, as more likely you and your partner will be there by yourselves.

A sunrise permit is also a great idea if you want to avoid the high temperatures of the summer days.

Couple hugging during their engagement session at Vizcaya

Available Dates:

You need to book your photo permit in advance. Vizcaya is closed on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.

Sunrise engagement session at Vizcaya

What to wear for your Vizcaya Engagement Photos:

The gardens and Mansion are such a gorgeous location that you can wear anything as fashionable as if you were attending the Met Gala, or as simple as a casual chic outfit.

couple wearing a casual chic outfit for a summer engagement session in Miami

Keep in mind that the ground of the gardens is obviously uneven, so make sure that if you are wearing stilettos your partner should be holding your hand at all times! 🙂 (This is obviously very pretty for photos).

If you get tired easily wearing high heels then bring some flats, so you can be comfortable while exploring the grounds.

Want to see more images from this amazing session? Check out their slideshow!



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