South Pointe Park Engagement Photos

If you are recently engaged and you are visiting Miami, or you call this city home, then South Pointe Park is the perfect location for you and your partner if you are looking to get some quintessential Miami photos at the beach!

South Pointe Park Engagement Photos Guide:

South Pointe Park Miami Engagement Session

This location is perfect for engagement sessions as it has several different spaces!

From green gardens, to cool city views, to interesting architecture and obviously, the beach, this location is very dynamic and presents tons of alternatives to create cool photos for you and your partner.

Park Location & Times

Located at 1 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139 This park is just at the southern tip of South Beach. The Park has no gate, so technically it’s open 24/7.

Although the park has a city parking lot, it gets busy really fast so street parking can be challenging. Make sure that you arrive with plenty of time to find a spot.

Permits & Fees

The city of Miami Beach requires photo permits for any professional photography. The permit is free, but it might take weeks to obtain.

Sunrise Engagement Photos at South Pointe Park

Absolutely, my best time to photograph in the park as the lighting is dreamy and the park is empty! A win-win for everybody.

South Pointe Park Miami Engagement Session

Sunrise times in Miami change according to the month so make sure you check the time to arrive at the park 10 minutes prior to Sunrise to catch it.

At this time of the day finding parking is super easy so I highly recommend this time of the day to any couple considering this location.

Can We Get Photos At The Beach?

Yes, you can! Just keep in mind that the beach gets really busy, so if having photos on the beach is a priority for you make sure you schedule a sunrise session.

What To Wear For Your South Pointe Park Engagement Photos

Anything beachy would be nice! But if you want to get fancy, go for it! The park gets a nice breeze so if you are planning to wear a dress, make sure it is flowy to get some dramatic photos of it.

Can You Bring Your Dog To Your Engagement Session?

Dogs are allowed at South Pointe Park, however, they are not allowed on the beach.

If you are planning to bring your dog, make sure you have a dog sitter with you so they can stay in the park with your fur baby while you get some photos at the beach.

Plan A Romantic Date After Your South Pointe Park Engagement Photos

Most likely you will be wearing a nice outfit, and have your makeup done, so why not make this a fun date? After your session, you can enjoy a delicious dinner at Smith & Wollensky This restaurant is right in the middle of the park, supper convenient to get a drink!



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