How To Plan A Miami Family Photography Session

If you’re planning a Miami family photography session, you’re in the right place, but first a story and some questions for you…

One of the things I love most is to look at photos of my own childhood! Unfortunately for me, my family didn’t take that many photos so the few photographs I have, I treasure as if they were gold.

So, what about you? Do you treasure your family photos? Do you have tons of pictures of you as a child with your family?

What about now, today, do you take a lot of photos of your family?

And the most important question is, are you in those photos?

It’s easy to always be behind the camera, after all, you’re just chasing your kids trying to get some photos of them, but when your kids are grown, and they go back to the family archives what would they say? Would they ask you where are the photos of the whole family together?

I know from my own experience, that I wish I had more photographs with my parents.

So let’s talk about family sessions, why you should book one, and most importantly how to plan an experience that you and your family will enjoy!

How To Plan A Miami Family Photography Session!

What Is The Best Location for A Family Session:

That really depends on you! As a family what do you enjoy doing? Do you enjoy the park, the beach, or a stroll around the city center? I always recommend to my clients locations that are meaningful to them.

Keep in mind that if you have small children you should choose a location that it’s safe for them and away from streets, cliffs, or lakes.

Miami Family Photography session

What to Wear For Your Family Photography Session?

Let me be super honest, the ’90s are calling and they want back the jeans and white shirt look!

We are going to stay far far away from matching outfits! It’s boring, lacks personality, and the lack of diversity is really not great for cool photos.

Instead, try to have a cohesive look! I guide my clients on what to wear so they all look like a million bucks!

Cool family session at Miami Design District

What’s the Best Time of the Year to Book A Miami Family Photography Session?

The best time is whenever you’re ready! But if we are going to be more specific I would say anytime between late September and early May so the temperatures are not as high.

In my business, the busiest month for family sessions is September and October as families want to get images for their holiday cards and presents for their grandparents.

If you are looking for a Miami family photographer, I’d love to chat with you! Contact me.

What Happens if My Kids Get Cranky During The Session?

Most likely they will get cranky, they are kids! So what do I do? I give them space and I let them be cranky for a couple of minutes until they settle. I also photograph these moments, because meltdowns can also be cute.

It’s also important that you bring snacks to your session and something to drink. The majority of the time kids get cranky because they are hungry or thirsty!

Now, if your wife or husband tends to get cranky, make sure they have a stiff drink prior to the session, that always helps 😛

Posed vs Candid Photographs, What Kind of Images Would I Get?

My style is a combination of both. I want to make sure your gallery will have organic moments that you will remember forever, and also the classic, quintessential images of your whole family looking at the camera (I know those are the images grandparents love)

Candid portrait of mom and daughter in Miami

“My Kids Are Grown And We Don’t Need A Family Session…”

Wrong! Family sessions are great for all kinds of families! We’re here to create memories and capture this moment in time. Whether your kids are babies, teenagers, or adults, family sessions will forever be a generational treasure.

And let me be honest, some of the coolest sessions I have photographed have been families with grown kids.

Miami Family Photography with adult kids

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